A Brief History of Acid House - Suddi Raval (Book Review)

Published 11th August 2019

Subtitled "The true story of how a synthesizer accidentally changed the world", 'A Brief History Of Acid House' is a unique and light-hearted book celebrating the history and legacy of one of the defining youth movements and musical genres of the 20th century.

Illustrated throughout with large, colourful graphics the book charts the thirty-year rise of Acid House from the invention of the TB-303 and it's Chicago origins right up to it's influence on modern day culture via Ibiza, illegals raves, Thatcher, tabloid headlines and the Criminal Justice Act.


A Brief History of Acid House - Suddi Raval (Book Review)

A colourful double-page spread [text redacted]

'A Brief History Of Acid House' manages to balance a fun and informal style of writing with clear respect for the subject matter, largely due to the passion of the author, Suddi Raval. Suddi started attending Acid House parties in the North of England in 1988 aged just 17 and has been a life-long Acid House enthusiast ever since. He's released records under various names on different record labels including being co-writer and producer of the UK top 20 hit single Hardcore Uproar (a Hacienda anthem in the summer of 1990).

There's something for everyone in this book whether coming to the subject afresh or with a breadth of knowledge. 'A Brief History Of Acid House' is well-researched and full of insight and also includes several additional features that add value including the Periodic Table of Dance Music and a list of essential Acid House classics (I'm sure, like me, you'll be searching these up on YouTube for a blast of nostalgia!) This is a book that should be in every music classroom in the country!

Suddi Raval is a fun and knowledgeable guide through one of music history's defining moments and with only 303 copies printed on first run (hopefully with more to follow) rave-aficionado's should act fast to bag a copy.



A Brief History Of Acid House can be purchased here.



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