The late 80’s and early 90’s were an incredible time for music. A time when the emerging acid house sound made national headlines, the UK hardcore scene spread across the country, and a generation of dance-loving party-goers was born.

This was when rave music was at it’s best whether you were into clattering breakbeats, thumping kickdrums, squelchy 303’s, hands-in-the-air pianos, dark synths, pitched-up vocals or stabby riffs!

Many original DJ’s, producers, promoters and MC’s are now committing their memories to print, releasing albums of new and classic material, speaking at seminars, and still performing all over the globe. Alongside this the legacy lives on with a new wave of producers and DJ's inspired by the original scene. The Rave Generation is a source of news and information on old skool music, culture and legacy.

Whether you’re into acid house, Detroit techno, breakbeat hardcore, jungle, bouncy techno, drum & bass, darkcore, gabber or happy hardcore, follow us on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube and keep checking back for updates.

Steve Bellamy

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