Altern 8 Release First New Music in 27 Years

Published 2nd November 2020

On Friday 6th November rave-royalty Altern 8 will release a 4-track mix EP 'Hard Crew' - their first new music in 27 years!

Arriving nearly 3 decades after 1993's beautifully melancholic 'Everybody', the 4-track mix EP will be released on Bandcamp alongside remixes by Samurai Breaks, Denham Audio and Mechanizm & Kin You can preview all 4 mixes as a mash-up on the band's Soundcloud.

'Hard Crew' is a blistering amen-infused breakbeat track in true Altern 8 style, bringing the infectious stabs and earth-shaking bass you'd expect from the band that produced Frequency and Armageddon.

The news has been rapturously received on social media with many requesting a vinyl release in addition to digital. The band have been pretty clear that any future vinyl pressing hinges entirely on the success of the digital release.

[UPDATE: 'Hard Crew' is now available on vinyl and can be ordered here.]

Fans of the band are well-positioned to send a loud and clear message that there is an appetite for new Altern 8 material - something the band haven't ruled out if 'Hard Crew' is a success.

A portion of the proceeds from the release of 'Hard Crew' will go towards supporting #WeAreViable - a movement that aims to unite all corners of the entertainment industry to help safeguard its future and deliver a safe return to normal.

To get your (virtual) hands on a copy of 'Hard Crew' while simultaneously making a vinyl release more likely and supporting the entertainment industry get back on its feet, head to Bandcamp on the 6th November!

'Hard Crew' is now available digitally on Bandcamp and on vinyl via Rubadub.
You can preview a mash-up of all 4 mixes over on Soundcloud.

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