Announcing Leeroy Thornhill's Memoir, 'Wildfire: My Ten Years Getting High in the Prodigy'

Published 15th May 2024

Exciting news for fans of The Prodigy! Leeroy Thornhill, founding member of the iconic band, has announced the release of his upcoming memoir, Wildfire: My Ten Years Getting High in the Prodigy.

In this highly anticipated memoir, Thornhill takes us on a journey through his decade-long tenure with The Prodigy from 1990 to 2000. As a key figure in the band, Leeroy's experiences span his time as a stage dancer, keyboardist, and ultimately, his departure at the turn of the millennium. The book promises to reveal previously unseen photographs that capture the band's meteoric rise, providing a rare glimpse into the highs and energy that defined an era.

Wildfire is more than just a collection of memories; it is a tribute to a time that Thornhill describes as "a musical journey I am proud to have been part of - the highs are imprinted in my soul." The book delves into the period when The Prodigy released some of their most acclaimed and influential albums, including 1994's Music For The Jilted Generation and 1997's The Fat Of The Land.

Thornhill, who has since forged a successful career as a producer and DJ, opening for The Prodigy on tour, explains the essence of his memoir: "Wildfire shares personal images and memories from the first ten years of The Prodigy's ascent. It captures an unparalleled energy that rapidly spread across the globe, intoxicating crowds with its unique sound and live performances."

Reflecting on the passage of time, Leeroy says, “Time waits for no man, and in the blink of an eye, over 30 years have passed. My time with the band still feels like only yesterday. It was a musical journey I am proud to have been part of; the highs are imprinted in my soul. Live life, believe, know your edge, and make it happen.”

The book's bio paints The Prodigy as "rave pioneers whose sound also encompassed hip hop, punk, and rock," with images from Thornhill’s personal archives capturing "the wild energy, ecstasy, and abandon from the moment they dropped their first hit 'Charly,' through the three albums that became the ubiquitous soundtrack to the decade."

Beautifully designed in five colors with archival ephemera, Wildfire is contextualized by Thornhill himself. He shares candid and often hilarious stories that describe the band's wild adventures and eccentric encounters as their fame and popularity spread 'like wildfire'. This memoir offers the ultimate visual journey into the world of the original 'electronic punks'.

Pre-order now and get ready to dive into the electrifying world of The Prodigy as seen through the eyes of one of its original members. Wildfire: My Ten Years Getting High in the Prodigy is set to be an unforgettable read for any music fan.

Released on 12th September 2024, you can pre-order now...

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