'Beat Jugglers Are Out Out' with their Long-Awaited Debut Album

Published 18th July 2021

'Beat Jugglers Are Out Out' may have been several years in the making but this debut album from the one-of-a-kind five-piece couldn't have arrived at a better time!

As clubs and festivals across the UK open their doors to party-goers for the first time in nearly a year and a half Beat Jugglers' infectious energy and positivity couldn't be more welcome.

Well known for bringing the party vibes with their energetic live shows (featuring the Dusty Boots Crew) the difficulty may have been to translate that into a well-crafted home-listening experience but fear not, this is an album that delivers on the Beat Jugglers promise of fun, blissed-out, dancefloor hedonism.

Comprising of old skool Exodus Collective legend and trance techno producer DJ Tech, classically trained pianist JJW, soulful vocalist Nikki Neon, Guru Josh saxophonist Mad Mick and Rising High Records veteran and producer Phil Earle, Beat Jugglers are the perfect example of how a band can be greater than the sum of its parts.

For example, take opening track Now or Never with it's beautiful pianos, expressive vocals and jazzy sax intro quickly giving way to a pulsing kickdrum, squelching 303's and distorted breaks - who else makes music like this? You can hear each member's influence in the track and it's a pattern consistent across the album.

'Almost-title-track' Out Out featuring Poetic Sun is an infectious invitation to good times ahead that'll tear the roof off any kitchen disco! With its "this is a night to remember" vocal its a call-to-arms for everyone in need of letting their hair down.

Drum and bass anthem Better Days featuring Evenson Allen never fails to bring the goosebumps and (when you consider it was shot pre-pandemic) the music video is eerily prescient - just check out the words in the opening shot!

Rave-royalty Evenson Allen isn't the only guest to appear on the album with acid/hip-house pioneer Fast Eddie also bringing the vocals on Do It Like That, Poetic Sun appearing on Out Out and Reggae Roast MC and singjay Natty Campbell doing the honours on the reggae-infused jungle track Rough Diamond.

The nine track album sees a convergence of many dance styles and influences; everything from breaks to drum’n’bass, techno trance to jungle, and all the while sprinkled with those magical old skool vibes to make that unique Beat Jugglers sound.

Beautifully produced and delivering on both musicality and energy, this is the album we all need right now - the party soundtrack for summer 2021 - grab yourself a copy, turn it up loud and let's go 'Out Out' with Beat Jugglers!

'Beat Jugglers Are Out Out' is released July 19th and available on digital and signed CD here.

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