Beat Jugglers release 'Turn It Up' EP ft. Natty Campbell

Published 26th August 2023

Introducing a musical collaboration that merges the talents of legendary figures from different corners of the dance music world, the new "Turn It Up" EP by Beat Jugglers featuring Natty Campbell is a sonic journey that is sure to fire up any dance floor.

At the heart of this fusion is the bringing together of the captivating vocalist Nikki Fountain and the saxophone virtuoso Mad Mick (renowned for his work with Guru Josh), oldskool rave legend DJ Tech, the classically trained pianist JJW, and the embodiment of junglist spirit himself, Phil Earl.

Emerging as a vibrant presence, Natty Campbell is a dynamic and captivating young MC and "Singjay" based in London, UK. His journey began in the local sound system scene, gradually ascending the ranks and collaborating with diverse bands. Joining forces with Reggae Roast in late 2016 marked a pivotal moment, propelling Natty into the spotlight.

"Turn It Up" featuring Natty Campbell is a compelling voyage through the realms of drum and bass and upfront jungle. The track pulsates with rolling tribal-trance-techno vibes, seamlessly interwoven with the infectious energy of flat-out dance piano and nostalgic oldskool breaks. Nikki's soulful and husky vocals collide with Natty Cambell's lyrical hooks to create a memorable mash-up of styles - the infusion of these diverse elements creates a dynamic soundscape that's both euphoric and infectiously rhythmic.

This release comes with an additional twist – all three Beat Juggler producers have put their unique spin on the track, resulting in a collection of remixes that span across the spectrum of jungle techno, raggatek, and dubbed-out jungle. Each remix offers a fresh perspective on the original, inviting listeners to delve into the different creative facets of the Beat Juggler collective.

The Beat Jugglers are a dynamic and vibrant 5-piece live dance collective. For those fortunate enough to have witnessed their performances at various festivals over the last couple of years, the distinctiveness of Beat Jugglers' presence on stage is undeniable. They occupy a unique space within the realm of dance PA's, offering a live experience that's as authentic as it is exhilarating. If you haven't yet had the privilege of being part of one of their live shows, you're truly missing out.

Check out the 'Turn It Up' EP by Beat Jugglers ft. Natty Campbell here.

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