Billy Daniel Bunter & Sanxion's '1993' Album Now Available to Preview

Published 20th August 2021

Nearly five years since Billy Daniel Bunter and Sanxion released their last artist album - '88 to 94' - they now follow up with a triple vinyl package focussing solely on arguable one of the nineties rave scene's most interesting periods with '1993'. This week they've released the track previews available for listening here.

1993 was a year often characterized in rave culture as the period when the sound diversified and split eventually giving rise to the unique happy hardcore and jungle scenes.

On one hand you had the early darkcore sounds that eventually birthed jungle and drum and bass while on the other the uplifting pianos and breakdowns of the SMD series (among others) grew into happy hardcore as we know it.

Bunter and Sanxion's '1993' beautifully captures this hugely influential period in rave culture by encompassing the light, shade and everything in between with 12 original tracks (plus an additional 3 for those who pre-order). This is an album that wears it's influences on its sleeve and embraces all that was special and unique from a remarkable year in rave's history.

Tracks like 'Heaven', 'Body Action' and 'Feeling Free' bring the soulful vocals and breaks but each in it's own distinct way, encompassing vibes reminiscent of early Raver's Choice, SMD and Vibes & Wishdokta releases, while 'A Love Briefing' and 'The Jazz Club' deliver on the jungle vibes with all the sub bass and chopped breaks you'd expect. Meanwhile, final track 'The Acid Basement' pays true respect to the great Ron Wells and the unmistakeable jungle techno sound of the time.

With all that said, trying to describe each track in such broad strokes is actually missing the point of an album like '1993'. 1993 was a time of experimentation and Bunter and Sanxion have really hit the nail on the head by not sticking rigidly to the genre boundaries established in later years.

Tracks on '1993' more often than not straddle the genres and encompass elements of many different sounds in a way that was often missing in later years; here, soaring happy vocals are juxtaposed with ominous darkcore hoovers while ragga-tinged jungle breaks give way to uplifting rave-pianos. Don't take our word for it - check out the track previews here.

Delivering on the old skool vibes but with the very best in modern production, '1993' delivers fresh new tunes that all the while evoke memories of a truly unique period of rave history.

The album is a strictly vinyl affair, limited to 500 presses and will never be released as a digital-only option. All those who purchase the triple vinyl package will recieve digital copies by email on the day of release (expected to be December 1st). For those who pre-order, you will receive 3 exclusive 1993 inspired tracks not featured on the album to download immediately.

'1993' by Billy Daniel Bunter & Sanxion is available for pre-order via Music Mondays here.

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