Cardiff's Very Own Lw Brings the Jungle Tekno Vibes With Latest Release 'One And All'

Published 17th March 2024

Amidst Cardiff's vibrant music scene emerges an artist producing dancefloor bangers and paying homage to the roots of rave culture.

Lw (DJing under the name Lubi J since 2000), a rising star in the realm of jungle / DnB, has recently dropped 'One And All', a tune that's reminiscent of early Ron Wells jungle tekno vibes (high praise indeed) and loaded with classic stabs and infectious energy.

Lw's journey as an artist started prior to COVID following encouragement from a fellow artisit - Digital - that ignited her passion for production. Digital encouraged Lw to take her years of DJing experience in order to make the kind of music she'd want to play in a set.

Lw resonates deeply with jungle/DnB's intricate rhythms and emotive soundscapes and draws inspiration from the likes of Seba, known for his adeptness in blending light and dark elements in Jungle DnB. Lw also has a lot of love for artists such as Djinn, Double O, Homemade Weapons and Coco Bryce ("he can make a hardcore banger as well as a deep emotional jungle lullaby!")

Lw's eclectic influences also extend to disco and funk, where she finds herself drwing for old skool disco/funk/house vocal samples a lot.

Starting DJing in the late 90s whilst at uni in Stafforshire, Lw had started raving a few years before that - her first event being Micky Finn and Nicky Blackmarket in Bristol in 1997. Tracks like Adam F's 'Brand New Funk' served as a catalyst, propelling her into the world of Jungle Tekno and beyond. Memories of iconic nights at Bulletproof and Silent Running in Cardiff's vibrant club scene fuel Lw's sense of nostalgia and love for the old skool sound.

Now, with 'One And All', Lw pays homage to her roots while carving out her unique sonic identity. The track's blend of classic rave stabs and pulsating energy nods to the pioneers of Jungle Tekno, while its contemporary production ensures its place on dancefloors worldwide.

Keep an eye on this Cardiff rave artist as she continues to make waves...

'One and All' by Lw is out now on Exstatic Records and is available here.

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