DJ Phantasy Fantazia Summertime Tribute Mix | Steve Bellamy

Published 22nd September 2018

A re-creation of DJ Phantasy's set from 1992's Fantazia Summertime mixed with samples from the original recording.

This was an important set to me as it was my first ever mixtape (Phantasy on side A, SS on side B). The quality of the recording was shocking but the track selection and mixing were spot on and inspired a lifelong love of breakbeat/hardcore music. Ten years later, when I'd bought my first set of decks, I made it my mission to track down each of the records played in those sets. Those records, alongside memorable elements from my original cassette of the live recording, were used in this mix. Hope you enjoy!


  1. DJ Phantasy & Gemini - House Is Food [Liquid Wax Recordings]
  2. DJ Phantasy & Gemini - Never Try The Hippodrome [Liquid Wax Recordings]
  3. NRG - The Music Makers [Chill]
  4. Sub Love - Hyper Active [Earth Recordings]
  5. NRG - It's Ruff [Chill]
  6. Sub Love - And Then More (Remix) [Earth Recordings]
  7. Nebula 2 - C.O.D. Rider [J4M Records]
  8. Signs Of Chaos - Crackerjack [Rising High Records]
  9. DJ Phantasy & Gemini - Let's Go (Remix) [Liquid Wax Recordings]
  10. Secret Squirrel - DDT [Dance Bass Records]
  11. 4 Hero - Cookin Up Yah Brain (Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era Remix) [Reinforced Records]
  12. Naz AKA Naz - Started Again (Have A Break Mix) [Deja Vu Recordings]
  13. DJ Phantasy & DJ Gemini - Ruff Beats [Liquid Wax Recordings]

Fantazia Summertime was held on Friday 15th May 1992 at Matchams Park Stadium, Bournemouth (8pm - 8am).

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