DJ Rap and General Levy unveil "Life Of The Party"

Published 13th November 2023

In an epic team-up for the ages, DJ Rap and General Levy - two true icons of rave - are joining forces to unleash a collaboration that'll prove once and for all that they're the "Life of the Party"!

DJ Rap, hailed as the pioneering First Lady of Drum & Bass, shattered glass ceilings as the first female DJ to command main stage sets and receive equal pay alongside her male counterparts. Her trailblazing journey includes founding her own drum and bass label, Propa Talent, and achieving international acclaim with over 3 million records sold under major labels such as Sony, Columbia, and Ministry of Sound.

A versatile multi-genre producer, DJ Rap earned critical acclaim for her album "Learning Curve" with a stellar 4.5-star rating in Rolling Stone magazine. Her groundbreaking presence extends beyond the music realm into acting, fashion, and beauty, making her the face of Calvin Klein's Dirty Denim campaign and the prominent figure for Caterpillar in Boots stores. Notably, she was the first female Drum and Bass DJ to secure a spot in the top 20 of DJ Mag 100.

On the other side of this extraordinary collaboration is General Levy, an iconic figure in the rave scene, whose MC career spans over three decades. His breakthrough track, "Incredible," remains a timeless anthem in the jungle and drum and bass scene, still resonating globally in clubs and on national radio. Boasting over a million followers on social media and nearly 100 million streams online, General Levy recently received the "Outstanding Male Contribution to Music Award" at the inaugural London Camber Black Excellence Awards.

The culmination of over 30 years in the making, General Levy and DJ Rap's monumental collaboration, "Life Of The Party," is set to captivate audiences worldwide. Produced by DJ Rap, the track kicks off with General Levy's unmistakable vocals, leading a sonic journey through pulsating bass stabs and pads. Levy's dynamic verse, accompanied by dancefloor-shaking bass and beats, transforms the single into a club anthem that is sure to dominate the airwaves.

"Life Of The Party" is a wall-to-wall celebration of dancefloor energy, seamlessly blending sounds, styles, and cultures. The collaboration between these two legends is a testament to the power of unity within the realm of music. Available exclusively on Beatport and Spotify from November 17th, the track promises to be a massive hit for 2023 and beyond.

Check out "Life of the Party" by DJ Rap and General Levy here.

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