Dope Ammo on the long-awaited "Let Me Be Your Fantasy" remix with DJ Hybrid [Interview]

Published 25th September 2020

DnB titans Dope Ammo & DJ Hybrid have unveiled their long-awaited official remix of Baby D's 1994 UK #1 single "Let Me Be Your Fantasy". Unapologetic sub-bass, punchy drum breaks and euphoric piano riffs lie at the core, whilst the instantly recognisable vocal takes centre stage.

Expected to blow up speakers and airwaves worldwide, the pair have delivered pure production panache and innovation whilst paying tribute to the eminent original.

We caught up with Dope Ammo himself to learn more about the origins of the track...

“Let Me Be Your Fantasy” is such an iconic track - can you tell us how the remix came about?

Myself and Benny Page were in a soundclash at Printworks last year and we needed some specials/dubs. I was doing some tunes with Mark from the Ratpack at the time and he linked me with Phil and Dee [Phil Fearon, founder of Production House records and Baby D vocalist Dee Fearon].

They very kindly did us a special for the soundclash. We played it and when it dropped we were like this is going to be a big one! I then went back to Phil and Dee and said we should release it. They said to get in contact with Bucks Music who owned the rights.

They weren’t that open at first and it took ages before they finally came back and said ‘no’. Nicky Blackmarket hooked me up with Floyd Dyce, the original writer of the track, and he was totally up for it. He put in a word with Bucks for us and hey presto they gave us the all clear.

Probably a stupid question, but were you a fan of the original?

Absolutely. When I’d just finished school back in ‘92 it was an underground hit and every DJ was playing it in their sets. Those chord progressions and vocals instantly got you hooked and it’s funny because it’s doing it all over again to the younger audience nearly 30 years later with our remix.

What was Dee/Floyd's reaction to the remix?

Like I said, they were both really behind it. Floyd told me his mates were sending him videos of it getting smashed at Printworks so he just couldn’t ignore it, haha!

How was it working with Hybrid?

We gel really well together. He’s originally from the Midlands and so, like me, is very influenced by early rave and jungle. When we got together in the studio it was effortless and we were just totally on the same tip. I would do all the musical bits and he would come with the beats and bass! It just worked out really well.

Aside from the digital release on Dope Ammo there's also a vinyl release from Kniteforce - how did that come about?

Slipmatt very kindly hooked me up with Chris [DJ Luna-C] from Kniteforce. I told Chris what I was planning and he suggested doing the vinyl for me. We are now working together quite a lot and are going to be working on some exciting future projects together which I can’t say too much about at the mo.

Have you had any opportunity during lockdown to play the tune out?

Not really, only online streams, but it was such an anthem at the festivals last year that we were lucky enough to see it doing proper damage on the dance floors. It just took forever for us to get the clearance and release it!

You recently shared a video of the tune being played out at a socially distanced party - what are your thoughts on these kind of events?

I’m totally up for them. Yeah they’re not the same but it’s better than nothing and at least promoters and clubs are trying to do something which is a positive thing.

What's next for yourself and the label?

To follow this we have an official remix package of another old skool anthem, Awesome 3’s  “Don’t Go”, so we’re just as excited about this one. Think there could be an oldskool-influenced album in the pipeline for next year but I don’t wanna say too much at this stage, haha!

Dope Ammo & Dj Hybrid's remix of "Let Me Be Your Fantasy" is released on the 25th September and is available digitally here.
Vinyl pre-orders are available here.

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