Force Mass Motion continues his fine form with 'Give You House' EP on his self-titled label

Published 30th September 2022

Hardcore pioneer Mike Wels AKA Force MAss Motion is back with another underground banger in the form of the Give You House EP.

Mike Wells has been an ever-present force in the electronic underground, releasing on labels like Lot49, Kingsize Records and Rabbit City Records since the nineties. Whether pioneering nu-school breaks or laying down classic hardcore, jungle and rave, he has consistently produced high-quality music. Give You House draws on those rich and authentic roots here with two new tunes that come hot on the heels of his last outing, the ‘You'll Never Be Back’ EP.

The standout 'Give You Everything' is full-throttle club music. Fat breakbeats power it along in rugged fashion while an exquisite and old-school diva vocal tugs at the heartstrings. Wells's textbook bass sounds and bright synths add weight to this bulky yet emotive banger.

The masterfully expansive 'House Is Mine' is another one aimed squarely at the peak time. This one has a brilliantly busy rhythm that darts about the mix as blistering synths and big stabs race forwards. Impassioned, filtered vocal yelps bring a touch of original rave energy as the drums crash on in compelling style.

Give You House is a digital release on the eponymous Force Mass Motion imprint. Follow Force Mass Motion on Facebook and Twitter for further news.

There is no avoiding the potency of these latest weapons from the excellent Force Mass Motion.

House is Mine EP by Force Mass Motion is released on the 11th November 2022.

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