Force Mass Motion reverts to old school roots with You'll Never Be Back EP

Published 25th July 2022

It's fair to say that Force Mass Motion is a legend of the UK's hardcore, rave and jungle scene and his latest EP - You'll Never Be Back - is a return to his roots.

The man born Mike Wells has always had a high rate and high-quality output that has kept him at the heart of the underground since he first emerged in 1989. His original hardcore releases were staples of early 90's raves and are now immortalised in countless mixtapes (I first discovered Mike when the amazing Miami Burnin' was played at Fantazia Summertime).

While he pioneered a nu-school breaks sound and has released on influential labels like Lot49, Kingsize Records and Rabbit City Records, he is now on his own imprint and channeling his earliest musical loves once more.

Opener 'You'll Never Be Alone' is an all-out dance floor banger with throwback hardcore stabs and a pitched-up female vocal that brings the euphoria. The punchy breakbeats power it along as fills, sustained chords and bouncing bass all flesh out this full-flavour classic.

Check out a little taster of You'll Never Be Alone here.

Energy levels remain just as high on 'Back to Back', with its tightly coiled drums and restless synths darting about the mix. Vocal stabs and manic acid lines keep things bubbling as the tension rises and the heat on the dance floor rises to boiling point.

Check out a little taster of Back to Back here.

You'll Never Be Back is a digital release on the eponymous Force Mass Motion imprint. Follow Force Mass Motion on Facebook and Twitter for further news.

You'll Never Be Back EP by Force Mass Motion is released on the 2nd September 2022.

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