Helter Skelter - One More Rave?

Published 29th August 2020
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It started so simply on Thursday evening with a single tweet from Slipmatt: "Who wants HELTER SKELTER to do one more BIG RAVE?"

The same post on Facebook quickly garnered nearly two and a half thousand likes and over 400 shares... it turns out that the answer to the question is "quite a few"!

Within 24 hours the same post had been either replicated or reposted by the likes of Fabio & Grooverider, Seduction, Whizzkid, Vinylgroover, Ramos, Kenny Ken and Nicky Blackmarket - huge support for a concept that was yet to be officially confirmed. The buzz on social media was both palpable and positive while speculation grew.

With that in mind, let's rewind a bit... Helter Skelter was founded by Dave and Penny Pratley in 1989 and is one of the most-loved brands from the original rave scene. The obvious question that arose from all of this was whether Dave or Penny were fully on-board or was this a fan campaign?

The many posts shared by high profile DJs and MCs alike all linked to a Facebook group called Helter Skelter Organisation whose membership rapidly grew by thousands. One of the admins of the group is Aimran Majid AKA legendary MC Magika who's openly held a passion and drive for a Helter Skelter reunion for many years.

In a video shared with the group Magika explains that he and Dave Pratley sat down several weeks ago and discussed the idea of the reunion event, and for the first time in many years Dave was keen to explore the idea. Dave has been following the conversation of the last few days and has been encouraged by the enthusiasm shared by artists and punters alike.

Conversations we've had with a number of big names in the scene also confirm Dave Pratley's interest in bringing Helter Skelter back for one more night.

If last years phenomenal Rezerection event has proven anything it's that there's an audience and appetite for these revival events and for many of us Helter Skelter is top of the list.

We can only keep everything crossed and wait for the official announcement!

Watch this space and join the Facebook group for updates...

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