Jonny L’s classic ‘Hurt You So’ re-released with remixes by Phuture Assassins, Ed Solo & Dope Ammo

Published 12th August 2021

Jonny L's huge breakbeat anthem "Hurt You So" is one of the latest hardcore classics to get the prestige re-release treatment on Kniteforce.

The double 12" vinyl release pulls together the original mixes and remixes from 1992 alongside new interpretations from seminal Jungle legend Phuture Assassins and modern Drum & Bass greats Ed Solo & Dope Ammo.

The boom of Jonny L's futureproof production techniques, gritty breakbeat samples, acid lines, and emotive vocal samples ring loud across the release, harking back to one of the most fertile eras for UK dance music.

Also included in the package is the sought after mysterious ‘Black Label Bootleg Mix’. Shrouded in mystery, the unofficial remix has never been revealed and remains a secret to this day.

Phuture Assasins, whose legendary catalogue includes production work for Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era, Krome & Time, and many more, delivers a blinding remix, drawing for rave stabs and chunky breakbeats. Rounding out the release is Ed Solo & Dope Ammo’s vision on the original, injecting sharp drums, warped basslines, and expertly executed dubbed out FX to the track’s existing elements, refreshing the track for modern audiences.


01 - Hurt You So (Original Mix)
02 - Hurt You So (L Mix)
03 - Hurt You So (S&M Mix)
04 - Hurt You So (Deep Pain Mix)
05 - Hurt You So (Black Label Bootleg Mix)
06 - Hurt You So (Phuture Assassins Remix)
07 - Hurt You So (Ed Solo & Dope Ammo Remix)

Kniteforce, run by legend of the scene Luna-C, is one of the longest-running UK Hardcore labels and is having an incredible run at the moment with impressive releases from the likes of DJ Rap, NRG, Ray Keith and Acen to name just a few. This is certain to be snapped up quickly so be sure to keep your eye on Kniteforce's socials for pre-order info.

Jonny L ‘Hurt You So’ and ‘Hurt You So (Remixes)’ drop via Kniteforce on 1st October 2021

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