Leeroy Thornhill Releases Five Track 'Evolved Extended EP'

Published 6th August 2020

Hot on the heels of his exciting new concept album 'Evolve', Leeroy Thornhill follows up with an extended EP of select tracks.

Four tracks from the 20 track concept album have been given the extended mix treatment for the EP plus an exclusive bonus track.

Fans of 'Evolve' will be excited to hear that the tracklisting for the 'Evolved Extended EP' will include:

  1. Run For Your Life 2020 Riot Mix
  2. Warehouse
  3. Coming For You
  4. Evolve
  5. Bonus Track

If you've not yet heard the original album, 'Evolve' is also available via Leeroy's own Bandcamp page. A wonderful musical journey inspired by his musical influences, 'Evolve' is a continuous journey through 20 tracks representative of Leeroy's personal tastes.

Speaking recently to Revel Rousers, Leeroy said, "I’ve kept the whole thing to one track although there are twenty on there. That’s how I feel people should listen to it."

The 'Evolved Extended EP' will offer fans the chance to delve deeper into the 'Evolve' experience as well as give DJs the opportunity to incorporate individual tracks into their own sets.

'Evolved Extended EP' is released Friday 7th August 2020 and is only available here.

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