Marshall Jefferson Releases Two New Tracks for the Summer

Published 26th June 2020
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This July 24th sees the release of two Marshall Jefferson related tracks. ‘Vibe Three’ is a track that Marshall started back in 1985 but was never released. ‘Human Condition’ by Jungle Wonz is a track from the same period that sees Marshall reuniting with Harry Dennis, who provides the vocals to his brilliant, poignant lyrics, that are evidently relevant for us all today. This will be released on vinyl and digital.

MARSHALL JEFFERSON on Vibe Three: “I would take tapes to the Music Box and Ron Hardy would play my music. VIBE was one of those tracks. I recorded VIBE in 1985 but it became one of my tracks that I just forgot about until some guy on Facebook sent me a recording of it that was taken from a club. The only person who I ever gave a recording of VIBE to was Ron Hardy. The only other people I know who had copies of the track was Gene Hunt and DJ Emanuel Pippin.”

“The original version of VIBE was made using a Roland 707, Roland JX8 P keyboard and a Roland 727 drum machine. I was still working at the Post Office at the time, and this was pre-Move Your Body (The House Music Anthem). VIBE was the building blocks for Move Your Body because it was using the instruments on the track that I discovered what I could do with the bass sound, to make a track like Move Your Body.”

HARRY DENNIS on Human Condition: “The track we have is on terms of suffering in the Hoods of Chicago or any place with poverty, and it’s deep.”



‘Vibe Three’ by Marshall Jefferson, ‘Human Condition’ by Jungle Wonz, and The Yellow Meditation for the Dance Generation are out in June and July on Club Chi’ll Records (vinyl and digital).

Danny Rampling on Human Condition: “This is a great track and the words so appropriate for the social conditioning unfolding at present.”

Terry Farley:  “Discovering stuff like this is almost Tutankhamun territory - Ron Hardy - Marshall Jefferson- Jungle Wonz - Harry Dennis-Holy Grail shizzle!”

Allister Whitehead: “Love this. Surprisingly fresh. Instantly takes me back to 85/86 and that sweaty, darkened room in Nottingham. Whistles in the house!”

Graeme Park: “Human Condition is an utterly delicious groove that has stood the test of time with it's addictive riff and appealing groove. I love it!”



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