Moondance & Dope Ammo Records present ‘Together’ EP

Published 12th September 2021

Moondance & Dope Ammo Records present ‘Together’ EP and believe it or not, this is just an album sampler - and part 1 of a series at that!

Given the names involved, you’re only going to be getting top quality jungle, drum & bass and hardcore vibes from this package so sit back, reminisce about the good old days and look to the future to create even more raving memories.

First up, Dope Ammo, DJ Rap and Jasmine Knight join forces for ‘Together’. A masterpiece of top quality live vocals fused with uptempo drum & bass, providing that all important lead to the EP and certainly one track to call upon to raise up the vibe in any dance. A true meeting of minds this one.

Benny Page graces the Shades of Rhythm classic ‘Sounds of Eden’, beefing up proceedings whilst keeping the vibe of the original intact. Early warehouse ravers, this one your time!

Acen and their legitimate hardcore anthem ‘Trip to the Moon’ gets another edit, this time around by Danny Byrd, previously responsible for the ‘Sweet Harmony’ relick and as expected, he’s done a fine job with this one too. Crashing Amen breaks and a ton of early 90’s vibes crash through your speakerbox.

Ray Keith flexes his production muscle with a brand new 2021-come-1994 banger in the form of ‘Back in the Day’ and of course this totally rewinds the time machine back to Roast, Jungle Fever and the like with typical Dread vibes.

Billy ‘Daniel’ Bunter and Liquid join the list of honours with ‘Dove Removal Machine’. Another upfront but in the style of kinda flex and boy does this work wonders. Soft piano and pads on the intro, chopped up breaks and of course a few pitches up vocal samples to boot. Back to ‘92 you say? Why bloody not.

Wrapping things up into small roach-like pieces sees MKII smash out a proper breakbeat affair of time-stretched beats for your ear accompanied by classic keys and vocal shots that will have you reaching for the sky no matter where you are. If you liked the original ‘Massive’ by Origin8a & Propa, you’re going to love this version! A true testament to Moon Dance’s legacy and beyond.

This is a huge EP with great promise for the final album due to drop early next year!

'Together' Album Sampler Part 1 is out now and available here.

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