New Liquid EP set for release on Kniteforce Records (Interview with Liquid and Luna-C)

Published 10th May 2018

Late last year, rave-icon Liquid provided a remix for Kniteforce Records (the Liquid remix of Jimmy J & Cru-l-T's "DJ's In Full Effect"). Surprisingly, given that both Liquid and Kniteforce have been so active in the scene for as long as they have, this was actually the first time they had ever worked together.

Now, six months on, Kniteforce head-honcho Chris Howell (AKA DJ Luna-C) is poised to release Liquid's very first EP for the label. The EP - titled "Still" - is produced by Liquid (Eamon Downes) and will be released later this month (catalogue number KF82). It will be available on vinyl via, but will also include links to both mp3 and wav versions of each track, plus some bonus material for good measure!

To celebrate this meeting of Rave Royalty [I claim copyright for that] I managed to get both players in the same room at the same time. Or rather, the same Whatsapp group separated by an eight-hour time delay. However... this was an opportunity not to be missed - just imagine the combined wisdom held by these Titans of Techno [not feeling that one so much, you can have it].

Forget Nixon v Frost - this is cutting-edge journalism at its finest.

So, armed with a hunger for the truth and several copies of Smash Hits magazine for inspiration, I set out to interview Liquid and Luna-C...

*PARENTAL ADVISORY - contains references to two-handed masturbation and erotic wasp-pant dancing*



1. Let's get the important stuff out of the way first. In your working relationship which one of you is Gary and which one is Robbie?

Luna-C: I met them both years ago, and I think I might be Garobbie - which makes Liquid Robbary.

Liquid: I'm Gary and Robbie. Grabbie, they call me... but not in an office pest kind of way. Chris is more Mark - pure sex appeal and you just can't stop him pulling his vest up when he leaves the house. Although Chris and I have actually never met. One of the wonders of the modern world. Well, not that I remember. Drugs do that to a man's memory, so I have heard...


2. Could you describe each other in only 3 words?

Liquid: Shaken, not stirred.

Luna-C: Still can't predict.


3. If you were married to Freddie Mercury, would you let him keep the moustache?

Liquid: No. I would want my own personal stamp on him. Like "Look, he changed for me." I am selfish and needy like that. It's me or the moustache, basically.

Luna-C: I would let him keep it but I don't think I could hanky panky with it watching me.


4. What's the best phrase you've picked up in another language?

Luna-C: I can say 'em, but not spell 'em... "aishi teru" - "I love you" in Japanese. I also very much enjoy the fact that the word for "luck" in polish looks like "fart". Saw loads of taxis with "fart" written on them one time as part of an ad campaign. I can also say "fuck" in Chinese.

Liquid: I can swear at will in Italian from watching Lazio with my father-in-law. One insult is "wanker with two hands", like you need two hands to wank with... Personally I'd take that one as a compliment.


5. What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done to impress someone?

Liquid: When we first signed to XL, I told our then A&R man Richard Russell that I could MC. I just thought "can't be that hard". I ended up MCing at The Waterfront in Norwich and was so bad that I had to feign losing my voice.

Luna-C: I actually walked into a pole while smiling at a girl across the street once - does that count as embarrassing to impress? I mean, my entire Smart Es period was pretty embarrassing - while Eamon was charting with his effortlessly cool release, I was dancing like I had a wasp in my pants and wearing chicken feet on my hands. But I wasn't trying to impress anyone. Which is lucky, because I didn't!

6. Wars or Trek?

Luna-C: Firefly. I've always thought Trek too smug. I loved Star Wars until the prequels, then only liked it until The Last Jedi. Now I doubt I'll watch any more Star Wars - there're just no characters I care about now lol.

Liquid: God, people are going to hate me. Neither. Have only ever seen the first ever Star Wars and am no Trekkie. Not even sure that's what they call themselves.


7. Would you rather tongues for fingers or feet for hands?

Luna-C: I would rather die than live as a monstrosity.

Liquid: Feet for hands is obviously not ideal, but most animals get by. I'm not ready for tongues for fingers. As the tongue is so sensitive to taste, fuck me... every time you shake hands with someone you would taste everything they've been doing for the last few days; you'd also be an involuntary participant in all their recent sexual encounters and at mercy to their personal hygiene following visits to the toilet. Now, I am no proponent of masturbation... but that's a whole level of wrong in this scenario too. So feet for hands, for me.


8. If you could sing one song on X Factor, what would it be?

Luna-C: Rammstein - Du Hast

Liquid: Joey Beltram - Energy Flash

Luna-C: Haha, winner! "Bowm, bowm, bubowm-bowm. Baarb baarb baarb baarb!"


9. Panda Vs Shark. Who'd win?

Luna-C: Depends on category. On land hand-to-hand? Panda. Who can have enough sex not to be endangered? Shark.

Liquid: Shark. No explanation required.


10. What can you tell us about the new EP?

Liquid: It's fucking dope. Putting on my artiste cape, it was cool. Challenging to know it's a label associated with a different style to what I usually do, so I needed to be harder and faster but keep that Liquid feel. There's a tune called "Dope Sick" which touches on a style I haven't done in years. Plus some Liberace-style pianos for my rave folks, too...

Luna-C: "Dope Sick" is one of my favourite tunes since we started doing Kniteforce vinyl again. I was just thrilled to have a Liquid release on Kniteforce, but I had expected something "Sweet Harmony" style - which we got with "The Truth", that's a superb piano anthem - but personally, I had always liked "Liquid is Liquid" more than "Sweet Harmony". My personal taste runs more to atmospheric and melancholy than anthem. So to get both on a Liquid EP on my label? Absolutely brilliant!

Liquid: If you need atmosphere + melancholy, I'm your man!

Luna-C: Dope Sick has also already become a firm favourite on the Kniteforce Radio aswell!


11. When is it released and what are the details?

Liquid: I'll leave the details to Chris - hard to be objective about my own tunes! Other than, as ever, I have co-produced the EP with Sanxion. We're pretty much full-time partners these days, in a musical sense.

Luna-C: The release date is the end of May. Its not specific because pressing plants love delays more than pressing vinyl lol! The EP is called "Still" and the tracklisting is... A1 - The Truth, A2 - Phormicide, B1 - KEX, and B2 - Dope Sick.


12. Are you able to describe the sound of the EP?

Luna-C: Well, "The Truth" is a timeless piano anthem, perfectly executed, both simple and complex. "KEX" is proper old skool, and sounds like it could have appeared back in the very early nineties on one of the big Euro labels of the time like R&S or something. "Dope Sick" sounds unique. It gives the vibe of like, Blade Runner or an eighties Vangelis sci-fi theme, but has the drums and weight of that DJ Crystal era.



"Still" will be available on vinyl towards the end of May via




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