Pre-order Z-NEO's 'New Hope EP' on Rave Radio Records

Published 16th March 2021

Following on from Try Unity's debut album and Radio Sam's first solo release, the 9th vinyl release from Rave Radio Records is courtesy of Berlin producer Z-NEO.

From early productions on the Amiga in 1992 to Moog and Roland Synthesizers today (and with over 100 official electronic music releases to date) Z-NEO is a truly talented producer. The 'New Hope EP' builds on an already exceptionally strong run of releases from Rave Radio Records and doesn't disappoint.

First track 'Whatever It Takes" is a total banger that draws inspiration from the '92 summertime sound with it's 'Chapel of Dub' inspired off-beat reggae keys, uplifting rave stabs and Public Enemy samples. Production is top notch and defies usual conventions of hardcore breakbeat in terms of arrangment.

Second track 'Into Blue' is a tune full of surprises - initially taking things in a much darker direction with its frantic opening riff it quickly u-turns with it's happy piano and female vocals. Bouncing back and fore between light and dark, the tune authentically channels Experience-era Prodigy.

Piano-led track 'For Your Love' has a dream-like quality starting with a tough acid piano riff that gives way to swirling synths, uplifting pianos, warm strings, original vocals and beautiful arpeggios.

Reggae-tinged fourth track - 'Keep Coming' with Mahnfeld and VP - is totally inkeeping with the rest of the EP and maintains the '92 era tempo and vibe while sounding completely fresh and innovative. As with the rest of the EP, production is exceptional and the arrangement avoids the pitfall of being predictable or formulaic.

A bonus fifth track - '89 Voyage' - is available digitally for those that pre-order and slows things down a little, paying tribute to the early days of hardcore with an almost melancholic vibe. A spoken word vocal about the "true renegades" and "true rebels" fits the track perfectly.

By pre-ordering the 4 track breakbeat hardcore release ‘New Hope EP’ you also get:

- FREE instant digital download
- FREE LTD edition stickers
- FREE bonus 5th digital track to download ('89 Voyage')
- Automatic competition entry into winning a LTD edition pair of Rave Radio Records slipmats
- Plus, all pre-orders are 10% cheaper than the main release!

Listen to clips and pre-order the ‘New Hope EP’ here.

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