Prepare for the Rise of The Old Skool Soldiers

Published 16th July 2017

Earlier this year a very exciting announcement was made by some of the biggest names in the rave scene that they would be combining their talents to perform together in some select festivals, large shows and events across the UK and Europe. DJ's Slipmatt, Vibes & Force and MC's Livelee & Charlie B have come together under the banner of "Rise of The Old Skool Soldiers" and intend to bring old skool hardcore back to the masses.

It's hard not to excited given the wealth of performing experience between these five gents let alone the extensive back catalogue of the individual DJ's. Their shows will feature the incredible Stage Invaders in a fully produced spectacle - check out the video below to see the Stage Invaders in full flow...


Stage Invaders Showreel 2.1 from Stage Invaders Entertainments on Vimeo.


As yet there have been no dates announced but as soon as there's something to report I'll be sharing it on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as on the website.

The potential here is massive - five legends of the rave scene, touring as one fully-produced show, possibly with support... BRING. IT. ON!

The official press release is below. In the meantime make sure you show your support by liking and sharing the official ROTOSS Facebook page - the greater the interest, the greater the shows.

Official press release:


Rise of The Old Skool Soldiers


More that 125 years of old skool knowledge


For the Past 25 years dance music has been the epicenter of many of our lives. The UK rave scene rose like a sleeping giant from the early acid house parties to engulf a nation and create a phenomenon that nobody could imagine would be such a global force 25 years on.

Those early days became our lives, we lived and breathed for the weekend, the mesmerising beats, exhilarating pianos and a sea of euphoric smiles. This was encapsulated no more so than in Essex, a county accredited with such a vast array of old skool talent.

It is five such Essex DJ's and MC's that have come together to recreate those incredible moments through a magical 90 minutes of 90's memories. Five of the biggest names to grace the rave scene over a 25 year period are now appearing together, as one, the original message we lived by from day one.

DJ's Slipmatt, Vibes & Force | MC's Livelee & Charlie B

It's time to bring the old skool!


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