SIX OF THE BEST: Ian Bland (Dream Frequency)

Published 1st June 2018
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The Concept: Desert Island Discs meets the 303 and Amen Break!

The Rules: Six tunes. Any genre. Any era.

The Subject: Ian Bland of Dream Frequency


Ian began creating music way back in 1989 under the name of Dream Frequency alongside vocalist Debbie Sharp before signing to XL Records. During the years that followed the band played extensively on the club and rave circuit including live performances at the legendary Shelley's.

In 1992 they had their first crossover hit with "Feel So Real" - an uplifting piano anthem that perfectly epitomised the hands-in-the-air sound of 1992 - before going on to release the equally high energy "Take Me" and "Good Times". Dream Frequency's music was positive, uplifting and made for the good times.

As the scene changed Ian later went on to produce house music under the name Dancing Divaz (with Richard Gill) and was responsible for many seminal 90's club classics and remixes (including those for Queen, Prince, Alison Limerick and Paul Oakenfold).

He now runs Maison Records, a label specialising in progressive and deep house, and provides tuition for aspiring producers under the banner of Blandystudio.

These are Ian Bland's "Six Of The Best"...



1. Gary Numan (Tubeway Army) – Are Friends Electric

This record changed my life. When I first heard it as an adolescent, and feeling alienated, it sounded like nothing else, and Numan looked like no-one else. It's the record that switched me onto electronic music and made me want to make it!


2. Rhythm is Rhythm – It Is What It Is

I’ve never been into Detroit techno but this for me is a musical visualisation of the place. It's amazing - such a soaring piece of techno!


3. Mory Kante – Yeke Yeke (Hardfloor Remix)

One of my all time acid favourites. This tune still takes heads off when I play it now... including mine!

4. Kraftwerk – Computer Love

Who said electronic music is soulless?! This is eight minutes of pure electronic beauty from the original masters! I will always regret not seeing them at Manchester Apollo in 1981 because no-one wanted to come with me!


5. Outlander – Vamp

This was the golden era of rave music and everything released around this period was ace! For all the piano tunes I’ve made, when I go to an Old Skool night I want to hear edgy driving shit like this mixed in with the usual piano fest!


6. Japan – The Other Side Of Life

Japan were the most underrated band of the 80’s and this is my go-to song when I’m feeling melancholy. I urge everyone else to check out their back catalogue.



Ian Bland performing live with Dancing Divaz

Ian Bland performing live with Dancing Divaz


You can catch Ian playing DJ sets and performing live PA's as both Dream Frequency and Dancing Divaz at the following events:

- Sat 30th June - The House Project Leeds (Dream Frequency DJ set)
- Fri 13th July - Beatherder Festival (Dream Frequency DJ set)
- Sat 28th July - S2S in the Park, Preston (Dancing Divaz PA )
- Sat 4th August - Colourfest, Glasgow (Dream Frequency DJ set)
- Sun 23rd September - BFLF, Lancaster (Dream Frequency DJ set)
- Sat 27th October - Old Skool Widnes (Dream Frequency Live PA )



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