SIX OF THE BEST: Simon Colebrooke (2 Bad Mice)

Published 12th July 2018

The Concept: Desert Island Discs meets the 303 and Amen break...

The Rules: Six tunes. Any genre. Any era.

The Subject: Simon Colebrooke of 2 Bad Mice

Simon Colebrooke is one of the founding members of the highly influential 2 Bad Mice - the breakbeat hardcore group responsible for the hugely successful "Bombscare" and "Hold It Down". The group's approach to chopping and arranging sampled breaks was so pivotal in the rise of the early hardcore scene that they're often attributed as one of the catalysts for it's transition to jungle.

Si has also released music under the moniker Kaotic Chemistry (alongside his 2 Bad Mice bandmates) including the LSD EP - an impressive piece of breakbeat that signalled the arrival of a tougher, more serious, hardcore sound, paving the way for future jungle/drum & bass artists.

In the early 90's, as well as touring globally with 2 Bad Mice, Si was also A&R for the legendary Moving Shadow label and earlier this year hosted a seminar at The Rave Story event for those interested in breaking into the music business.

The 2 Bad Mice sound is still alive and kicking and this week saw the release of the "2 Bad Mice - Remixes" EP featuring the Sully remix of "Gone Too Soon" and the Falty DL remix of "Limit of Paradise". The EP is available as both vinyl and digital download here.

These are Simon Colebrooke's "Six Of The Best"...



1. The Mixmaster – Grand Piano

Grand Piano was the first track that got me interested in raves and rave music. Sean played it at Stags nightclub in Hertford and it blew me away - I was instantly hooked.


2. Blapps Posse – These Guys Are Doper Than Dope

I could have chosen pretty much anything by Blapps Posse really. When I was younger I was such a Hip Hop kid I could really connect with all their stuff. It had a real sense of funk to it too.


3. Foul Play - Volume 1&2

These were the EP's that made me go and sign them to Moving Shadow. To this day I can still quite happily just put them on and listen from start to finish.

4. The Prodigy – Your Love

This tune is powerful, hectic and euphoric all rolled into one. I still play Your Love, and versions of it, to this day.


5. LTJ Bukem – Music

I first heard this when out with Sean. Tayla played it and we instantly looked at each other as we both realised the game had changed musically. It was one of those pivotal moments in the scene.


6. Photek - The Water Margin

This has everything I want in a track - sheer perfection on every level. I was lucky enough to go to Ruperts studio back in the day just to chat crap and listen to some music.



Si now DJs at events across the globe and can be found this summer at major festivals including Boomtown FairChilled In A Field, and Lazy Sunday.

*Photo courtesy of Guy Henstock*



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