SIX OF THE BEST: Steve Thrower (Cosmo & Dibs)

Published 21st August 2018

The Concept: Desert Island Discs meets the 303 and Amen break...

The Rules: Six tunes. Any genre. Any era.

The Subject: Steve Thrower of Cosmo & Dibs

Whether as one half of Cosmo & Dibs (alongside Moving Shadow label founder Rob Playford), going by the name of "Little Stevie T" or working under his own name Steve Thrower has been producing and DJing for the best part of three decades.

As Cosmo & Dibs (a name taken from the puppets of 1980's children's TV show "You And Me") Steve is responsible for a number of breakbeat hardcore releases including the much-loved Star EyesSonic Rush and Xultation. For a generation of ravers these were the tunes you'd hear played out at venues across the country each and every weekend and which still elicit the same euphoric feelings to this day.

As a self-described "old skool raver" Steve regularly DJ's at Old Skool events, still loving the scene and all it stands for. You can catch Steve at this years Lazy Sunday festival on Sunday 26th August.

These are Steve Thrower's "Six Of The Best"...



1. Man Parrish – Hip Hop Bee Bop (Don't Stop)

Just an absolute classic electro tune that never fails to make me smile with memories from an unforgettable era.


2. Tyrone Brunson – The Smurf

Yet again a classic electro tune from a time when kids walked to an arranged meet with a roll of lino flooring to breakdance battle!


3. Pet Shop Boys - It's Alright (The Tyree Mix)

From the 88/89 "Second Summer of Love" - what can only be described by those there as the beginning of the whole experience of the chemical generation.

4. 2 Bad Mice – Hold it Down

I heard this in the studio and instantly loved it as I gave Simon [Simon Colebrooke of 2 Bad Mice] the 7 inch single of The Emotions' "I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love" to sample. [The sample comparison can be heard here.]


5. Blame – Music Takes You (Vocal Mix)

Conrad [Conrad Shafie AKA Blame] played this and all I can say is that hairs lifted to a natural rush of pure old skool excellence!


6. Cosmo & Dibs - Star Eyes

I produced this on a Sunday morning after being in The Astoria all night Saturday and lets just say I was in a good way...



You can catch Steve playing a set packed with Old Skool classics and hidden gems at this years Lazy Sunday festival on Sunday 26th August.

*Image courtesy of Contagious HQ*


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