Join DJ Vibes in his EXCLUSIVE Next Chapter

Published 1st August 2017

In June this year legendary DJ Vibes (Shane Lavan) announced plans for a brand new forthcoming project working alongside long-time friend and fellow producer Hattrixx (Owen Palmer). The project aims to deliver a brand new album (plus bonus material - more later) on a very limited release to a lucky 200 fans in time for Christmas.

In the words of Vibes himself the album will be "an album of absolute super killers in the classic Vibesy style, with a slight new twist. We're talking breakbeats galore, hands in the air guaranteed and pianos to give you goosebumps where you never knew possible"! When you look at the guy's back catalogue it's hard to dispute that this will be anything but special.

Vibes has announced that the sound of the album will be in the style he made his own between 93 and 95 - think beautiful, soulful, breakbeat hardcore with those special Vibes touches that give you goosebumps from head to toe! If you need a reminder then just check out our special DJ Vibes: 93-94 playlist - a tribute to the Raver's Choice himself featuring each of his original releases over the two year period.

Regarding the project Vibes had this to say in a post on his Facebook page:


"After bundles of classics, some major floor-fillers, and some remixes to die for, I’m thinking it’s time to come back strong with a whole new selection. And when I say new, I mean new old style. Exactly the same soul, exactly the same heart, completely original ideas, but still with my original flavour thrown in."

"In my experience quality breakbeat vocal mixed with quality stabs and piano is something that I surely know how to put together. After all the hours, days and years of production and DJing I’m totally ready to throw down a brand new album, full of fresher-than-fresh master blasters, the only way I know how."

"I’ve spent a lot of time with Owen (Hattrixx) who I know is the perfect partner to co-produce and engineer these tracks. We’ve agreed that we’ll only do this if we have the freedom to make the tracks top class in the right style, without the pressure of having to conform to the rules of the distributors, shops, radio stations and other DJs."


The album will only ever be released to a lucky 200 and will never go on general release. He goes on to say "These will not be given out to any other DJs. You’ll have the tracks to play the same day as I do. They will not be played anywhere before you get them, not even by me."

You can hear more on the project from Vibes in this video posted to his Facebook page:



This really is a project in which exclusivity is the key. As well as only being available to an exclusive number of people, the project comes at an exclusive price. The original statement indicated that cost would be kept below £150. In addition to being part of a very exclusive few to own a copy of what is sure to be an incredible album, the official website includes a number of bonuses made available to everyone involved in the project:


Access The Vibes & Hattrixx Video Diary:
While you’re waiting for the Christmas drop, you’ll get exclusive access to our monthly video diary entries, giving you an exciting glimpse into the creative journey. Every studio session brings new stories – we’d love to have you along for the ride.

Complete Remix Package:
A month after the album drops, you’ll get exclusive access to a full remix pack for every track on the album, including full quality track stems, MIDI files, and the raw samples – we’d love to hear your take on the new material.

The "Making Of" Documentary Film:
As well as the album itself, you’ll get exclusive access to a feature-length video that documents the making of the album, giving you deep insights into the methods, the machines and the minds behind the mayhem.

Vibes & Hattrixx Meet And Greet:
As a super massive THANK YOU for getting involved and making this project possible, you’ll be invited to one of several private Meet And Greet sessions we’ll be holding (dates and locations to be confirmed). Seeya there!

Album Interludes:
To go along with the 10+ full-length exclusive master blasters we’ve agreed, the album will also feature Interlude Tracks to form a complete musical expedition that you’ll want to experience from start to finish, again and again.


This really is a special opportunity to be part of something exciting and unique. If this is something you'd be interested in being a part of then you can register your interest with no obligation by clicking here. Once registered you'll be kept up to date on new developments and given access to exclusive videos from Vibes and Hattrixx.

If you'd like more information on what the project is all about then it's well worth watching the following interview with Billy "Daniel" Bunter recorded yesterday on his Music Monday's show on Kool FM. The enthusiasm for the project is clearly evident - this album will be a passion project for both Shane and Owen; two men who clearly understand how the other works in the studio. See for yourselves below:




Register your interest with no obligation by clicking here.



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