Unity in the Sun to return in 2018

Published 16th August 2017

After a hugely successful inaugural event this year, Unity in the Sun is set to return to the Greek island of Corfu in 2018 on an even larger scale.

It's quite an understatement to say that this year's event was anything less than a huge success; you only have to read the posts left on this year's Facebook event page to see that for many this was a return to their glory days of raving.


"The accommodation was spot on and the atmosphere was electric all week, I couldn't have wanted for anything better"

"Have had the most amazing week, thank you to everyone involved, from organisers to ravers felt like we was one big happy family"

"This time last week I was venturing to my very first raving Holiday with two beautiful souls and I can't believe it's over already... the week was immensely amazing and words won't ever cover the extent of the experience"


For those of you that are unfamiliar with Unity in the Sun it's a week-long festival of old skool rave, jungle and classic house based in the village of Kavos, Corfu, and spread across several venues. For one week only the strip is taken over by a number of brands and promoters such as Music Mondays, Raindance, Vibena Jungle, Desire 2000AD, and Jungle Fever, putting on all manner of raves, boat parties, sunrise parties and pool parties.

This year's event featured the cream of the old skool world including Rat Pack, Billy Daniel Bunter, SY, Altern 8, Slipmatt, The Brockie & Det Experience, Kenny Ken, Nicky Blackmarket, Liquid, Vibes, Jumping Jack Frost, Ragga Twins, 2 Bad Mice, Fat Controller, Uncle Dugs, Stu Allan and many more.

With many of these DJ's, MC's and promoters confirmed to return next year, Unity in the Sun is certainly not exaggerating when it describes itself as "the ultimate old skool and jungle festival in the sun".

Unity in the Sun is the work of Billy Daniel Bunter, his partner Sonya Steele, Jay "Fat Controller" Folly and Phillipa Lovatt. In a recent interview with GLOWKiD, Billy Daniel Bunter described the responsibility felt by the team to ensure that everyone's expectations were met, given that, for many, this was their only holiday. Listen to the whole interview below or click here to hear him discuss Unity in the Sun.



Billy Daniel Bunter is at the forefront of catering for the older crowd of original ravers that don't get out as often as they used to. Whether it's publishing books, producing new music, putting on seminars/art exhibitions or, now, arranging events such as Unity in the Sun, it's clear that he cares about bringing people together in order to celebrate the history and culture of the rave scene.

Bookings are already being taken for the 2018 event which is set to take place between the 27th May and the 3rd of June. You can currently secure your place for a £38.50 deposit followed by 9 monthly payments of £38.50, totaling £385 per person.

This includes your hotel, transfers and all club, pool and beach events. The dates for the event tie in with the summer half-term holiday which is perfect for parents who are able to arrange childcare. For more info you should visit the official website or Facebook page.



With next year's event already set to be twice the size of 2017, and with a "big reveal" confirmed for the middle of next month, the future for Unity in the Sun looks strong.

This is a great time for fans of the old skool, and events such as Unity in the Sun need to be cherished and supported in order to keep the vibe alive.

Long may the festival go from strength to strength whilst maintaining the family atmosphere that made this year such a success. With such a strong team at the helm, dedicated to preserving the ethos of what made the rave scene so special in the first place, something tells me that this is just the beginning.

See you at the pool - make mine a double!


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